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We offer the highest quality metal powder coating services at reasonable
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Powder coating makes your product tough, look great, and last a long time.

Metal Coatings In Ottawa

We offer a full range of powder coating on metal products and capabilities,
and quality services.

Metal Powder covering makes your item intense, look incredible, and keep going quite a while. It is a prevalent completion that you will see as on various quality items viewed as around the world. Powder covering on metal makes items tough, alluring, and scratch-safe, as well.

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Customized to Your Needs

Abirang Powder Coating Ottawa provides all the options required to help your project succeed, All orders are made customized to your requirements. color, finish, and texture are your choice.

We provide a variety of powder coating finishes, including:

Super Durable, Smooth, Texture, Gloss, Semi Gloss, Matte and Flat.


Metal Powder Coating Services in Ottawa

Abirang Powder Coating gives a high volume, powder covered finish on metal, steel, aluminum, rims, etc materials. Reach out to our organization for powder covering items and custom variety creation administrations in Ottawa. Long-lasting and durable powder coating service in the Ottawa region including Orleans, Kanata,Nepean, etc.

Sandblasting can completely set up your parts for paint, ceramic covering, or powder covering. With the right surface prep your parts will endure longer.

We offer quick completion times as well as give a top-quality surface prep so anything you want to be sandblasted will be prepared for an excellent new layer of paint.

Best Coating technology in Ottawa

Fewer VOCs

When contrasted with other covering processes, powder covering produces less unpredictable natural mixtures (VOCs). The issue with fluid based covering processes is that they discharge a lot of destructive synthetic substances into the encompassing air. Known as VOCs, these synthetic substances are terrible for the climate and awful for laborers’ wellbeing. Powder covering doesn’t need fluid glues or solvents, so it creates essentially less VOCs.

Uniform Thickness

Advantage of powder covering can make a defensive shell over an item or workpiece with a similar thickness all through. Shower painting is an elective covering process. Be that as it may, with shower painting, a few region of the article or workpiece might get more paint than others. In any case, splash painting can bring about certain region of the article or workpiece getting more paint than others. Powder covering tackles this issue by equitably conveying the powder particles and, along these lines, accomplishing a uniform thickness.

Fast Curing

Many assembling organizations lean toward powder covering over other covering processes in light of its extraordinarily quick relieving times. It can assume control more than 24 hours for splash to paint to dry. Powder covering, in any case, fixes in only a small part of this time. With quicker restoring, it’s a more helpful covering process among assembling organizations.

Easy to Perform

Despite the fact that it sounds fairly intricate, powder covering is both protected and simple to perform. It includes a straightforward three-venture process. To begin with, the article or workpiece is pre-treated. Then, a specialist utilizes a shower firearm to apply the powder. The third and last advance is trusting that the powder will fix.

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