Ottawa Powder Coating Pricing & Cost

Start Up Fee

  • Required to start any project

Hourly Rate

$95 - $150

Rate depends on:

  • Complexity
  • Weight
  • Material

At Abirang Powder Coating, pricing for powder coating services is based on an hourly rate, which ranges from $95 to $150. Additionally, there is a flat fee of $95 to start any powder coating project.

Pricing Examples by Item

Our pricing for various items below to estimate the cost of your powder coating project at Abirang Powder Coating.

Item Estimated Time Estimated Cost
4 Rims
2 Hours
$190 - $300 + $95 start up fee
2 Hours
$190 - $300 + $95 start up fee
Bed Frames
2 - 4 Hours
$285 - $600 + $95 start up fee
2 - 4 Hours
$190 - $600 + $95 start up fee
Window Frames
1 - 2 Hours
$95 - $300 + $95 start up fee
2 - 5 Hours
$190 - $750 + $95 start up fee
2 - 4 Hours
$190 - $600 + $95 start up fee

Factors Affecting Costs

Several factors can influence the cost of powder coating, including:

  • Material weight: Heavier materials can be more challenging to handle, potentially increasing the cost.
  • Complexity of handling: Items that are awkward in shape or size may require more time and effort to sand blast, impacting the hourly rate.

Why Abirang for Powder Coating?

Quick Service

Our strength is in our ability to provide quick and reliable service. Unlike other providers, we do not require long lead times, which means you can bring your parts in and expect them to be handled promptly.

No Size Limitations

We do not impose restrictions on the size of the parts you can bring in for sand blasting. Whether small, large, or unusually shaped, we are equipped to handle a wide variety of items with the same level of precision and efficiency.

Unsure of the cost of your project?

Give us a call at (613) 745-4600 to have a chat with us to determine what’s best for your project

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